Hi, I’m Steve. I'm a product designer and startup founder passionate about design, psychology, and social impact.

Skills: User Research · User Experience Design · Interaction Design · Visual Design
Tracking Violence in Central Africa
User Research, UX & Design
Coming Soon
Homeowner's Insurance
Design & Rapid Prototyping

About Steve

I've spent the last 15 years of my life designing physical and digital products with the goal of making a better world. From creating awareness about Central African warlords, to tracking violence in the most remote parts of the world, to improving the lives of event organizers around the world, I thrive on uncovering problems and finding the right solutions. I have a keen eye for details, and the capacity for high level strategy & design thinking.

A recent passion project I've been working on is research & a public resource exploring the correlation between different personality assessments (Big 5, MBTI, Enneagram, StrengthsFinders, etc).

Product Design Co-Founder
July 2014 — Present (5yrs)
Crisis Tracker
User Research & Design
Project · Sep 2018 — Mar 2019 (7mo)
Invisible Children
Lead Web Designer
Jan 2010 — Mar 2014 (4yrs)

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