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Homeowner's Insurance

CLIENT: Personal Project
Role: SOLE Researcher & Product Designer
This project's aim was to create a fun experience that rewarded homeowners for cataloging their valuables. This was crafted in just a few hours as practice in rapid prototyping and mobile design.
The Brief
A new type of homeowners’ insurance policy offers very low rates for customers who can create a record of all the items in their home.

Design a way for a user to capture and visualize the items in their home: a 3-floor house with 2-3 rooms per floor.
  1. Design sketching & concepting
  2. Visual Design
  3. Prototyping
The "Photos First" Concept
I wrote out some assumptions of user goals & business goals to quickly derive a possible strategy that could make everyone happy.
Insurance company wants:
  1. Committed policyholders
  2. To collect as much information about their “risk” as possible without it feeling burdensome.
Homeowner's want:
  1. Affordable/discounted insurance policy
  2. Feeling a sense of control & flexibility around their policy and how much they pay
  3. Having a record of all their valuables in one place
The Sweetspot
Create a fun experience that rewards homeowners for recording their valuables, thus increasing their policy value, while also increasing their discount.
*Being the homeowners source of truth for their valuables could also lead to perceived “high switching costs” & a longer lifetime value(LTV).
To test how the interactions might feel, I quickly put together this prototype using Principle. This phase prompted me to spot interactions that wouldn’t work or would feel awkward to a user - and to make the appropriate changes.
    Knowing when NOT to go deep on motion design
    While I could have chosen from any number of prototyping tools - I opted for one that would give a sense of fun animations & interactions, without having to spend the time finessing everything. Principle makes "best guesses" between screens and animates them. This can create some fun and unexpected results. Since this project was intended to be an exercise in rapid design & prototyping, I didn't take the time to finesse each animation - and you can see the result in the prototype recording above. On a commercial project however - I would need to do a deeper dive on Principal and make sure I've set up my files in a way that makes crafting motion-heavy interactions more seamless.
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